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This exotic estate is nestled in a quiet street of Bali’s serene Canggu district with the island’s most popular tourist attraction, the iconic Tanah Lot temple, just a short drive away.

Once guests pass through the iconic blue door and find themselves in this serene environment, surrounded by the lush, tropical vegetation of Blue Bamboo Villas, they quickly realize that time has seemingly stopped here.

Blue Bamboo Villas was born of the idea to create an unforgettable, safe and unique holiday experience by offering the unrestricted luxury of private space and personalized service, while honoring Bali’s beautiful wildlife. The focal point of the estate is the Blue Roof, a pleasingly decorated Pendopo, celebrating local architecture and joined by the main six-bedroom villa, two smaller ones and the elegant Blue Lagoon swimming pool. The tropical gardens and verdant lawns offer wonderful choices for inspiring meetings and lavish private parties.

Blue stands for serenity and inspiration. It is the color of the sky and oceans. Blue is also the closest color to truth.